12 Job Ready Project Bundle

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12 Job Ready Project Bundle

Vikram Choudhary
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Be completely ready for a job

12 Best Codified Pages 

With all the coding and comments to understand real projects and be 100% ready for any web development job 

You will master E-Commerce Websites, Product Landing Pages, Personal Portfolios, and more…


Do you see this little folder?

This little folder has all the information you need.

To be able to demonstrate to everyone you are a capable web developer.

It has a little weight of only 168 MBs.

It can be read and seen from any place in the world.

But the most important thing is.

That you will be able to land a job 100% guaranteed using this information.

You will be working from home, with a job salary rounding 70k a year or more.

With more than 5 years of working in web development. 

I assure you this is the only piece of practical information.

You need to create the same results as me. 

Ideal experience before using the code…

The ideal experience is to know JavaScript, Html, and CSS to understand the code quickly.

But if you have no experience.

You can also learn from the comments and by testing each piece of code separately.

You would do this easily.

Because the code is specifically designed to be simple. 

And with comments to understand each step.

By mastering this code, you will have the skills to get a web development job.

I guarantee you a 100% chance of finding a job.

Where you can earn between $70k and $150k a year.

By deciphering each one of these pages.

You will learn the structure that is always used.

To make the most demanded web pages from companies in the world.

You will be completely qualified.

And you will advance faster than in courses of pure theory.

Because you will attack directly the practice which is the most important thing.

Here are the pages created based on my code

You will notice how similar they are to the web pages used by today's companies.

My E-Commerce Website. 

My Landing Page.

My Blog Website.

My Travel Website

Portfolio Website

Agency Website

Achievements you will get by being a highly qualified web developer.

You will be indispensable for big companies and businesses.

You will have a huge competitive advantage over other web developers who have only seen theory courses.

By developing real jobs, and having the experience they need beforehand.

It will be easier for you to adapt to any developing project.

You will be able to earn good money from home.

You will save unnecessary trips to work every day.

And you will be able to travel to new fancy places.

To meet with friends, family, or significant others.

And even work there if you wish.

Because you will be able to have more money and/or time.

You need to internalize the content of Top 11 Pages Now to have a 70k salary or more...

And to learn from the pages you will get the necessary code specifically commented on.

So it would be easy to understand from start to finish.

Once you internalize and apply it, you will be highly qualified to work as a web developer.

That can create the same pages I create and the pages that companies ask for.

And you will have a 100% chance to land a job. (Guaranteed.)

The information will be delivered to you as follows…

Once you purchase, you will be able to access Vikram's Top Nine Pages.

Where you will find the projects with each of his code files…

And a step-by-step guide to start viewing them in the best order…

To understand everything as quickly and easily as possible.

What exactly will you get?

  • The 12 Best Web Projects to be ready for a Job.
  • Every project has separated files of SASS, CSS, and Bootstrap.
  • Well-written comments in the code (To be easy to understand each part of the code.)
  • The step-by-step guide to start learning the code in the best order.
  • More than fifty Example Pages for creativity, and inspiration. 

Also Includes.

  • All the future updates for free. 
  • Specialized web development support, so you can solve your doubts about the code or the life of a web developer.

But be aware…

That the product price will increase over time.

Because of the immense value, the people are getting here.

And the content that will be added in the future.

What will be your future?

Remain in the same situation…


Reach a high level of confidence in your web development skills.

Get a job with a good salary.

And become indispensable to the team of people you work with.

The choice is yours…

But if you decide to take your level of web development to the next level.

Now is the time to join us.

I want this!
100% Placement Guaranteed
Total 12 Job ready Projects
Full Source Code With Well Written Comments
Freedom Of Combining And Modification.
Separate Files Of SASS, CSS And Bootstrap
50+ Example Pages
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